The Tale of the Tiny Man

There was once a tiny man. One day, at the first sign of spring, he decided to pin a note to a tree that said FRIEND WANTED. Then he sat down on the step to wait. After ten days, he woke to find a cold nose in his hand. Beside him was a big dog with a beautiful curve in its tail. The tiny man had made a friend at last. They play and walk and laugh every day. But then the girl in the polka dot dress comes to the step. The little man watches as the dog put his soft muzzle into the girl's hand and worries that he has lost his only friend. The Tale of the Tiny Man is a touching picture book about loneliness that has a very happy ending. It is possible after all to have more than one friend.

ISBN Number
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7 3/4" x 9"
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Trade Hardcover
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Barbro Lindgren
Lerner Publishing Group (Gecko Press)
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