Fierce warriors, remarkable navigators, savvy businessmen avid board gamers, fashionable dressers-the Viking people were all these things during their golden age from AD 780 to 1100. Everyone feared the sight of a Viking longship coming in from the sea or down the river. But the Vikings weren't just conquerors. They settled, traded, and grew wealthy. The adventurous Vikings had reached the shores of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Britain, Ireland, and France. They did business with people as far away as Turkey. The Vikings liked to make money, but they liked to have fun too. They invented many board games and liked to tell stories. They gave each other names like Thorstein Cod-Biter, Ulf the Unwashed, and Einar Belly-Shaker. The Vikings certainly made their mark-some of the ways they made laws and the language they used are still part of society today.

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