Superstars of Women's Soccer

Women's soccer is a thrilling and competitive sport that culminates in the FIFA Women's World Cup every four years. Players get the chance to compete for their countries in a competition featuring the best female soccer players in the world. In every tournament, major upsets occur, unexpected teams rise to the challenge, and incredible female athletes make their presence known to the world. Superstars of Women's Soccer examines the best athletes in the sport and highlights the most gifted and unforgettable female players in the world. You'll get the inside scoop on players like Lieke Martens and Wendie Renard and learn about their skills, their playing style, their training, and much more. Every book in the Women's Soccer Today series provides an in-depth look at the impact women have had on your favourite sport and profiles the athletes, teams, and leaders that have fuelled the growth of the women's game. Mason Crests editorial team has placed Key Icons to look for throughout the book

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Bryce Kane
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